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Why Rope Access?

Industrial rope access is a working method that enables safe working at height and difficult places. Industrial climbing and rope access technique originally developed from techniques used in caving, speleology. The first industrial use of rope access was used in the 1980s. Oil platforms in the North Sea needed a method to safely, quickly and flexibly perform jobs on site. Innovative workers questioned the logic of building scaffolding to carry out work in hard to reach places. The solution, was to get to the places with the help of ropes.

Since the development of the technology in the 1980s, rope has come to be used in more and more industries on land. More and more industries are discovering the benefits of rope access and use it today from glass and other maintenance on towers to advanced inspections on the world’s tallest and most famous buildings and infrastructure projects. Development is driven forward by the industry’s international association IRATA.

Working with rope under the stringent demands of IRATA offers unparalleled security.


Industrial Rope Access Trade Association, is the only global trade association for rope work have over 25 years expertise in instituting this international standard. Within the international oil and gas industry IRATA is a requirement for working offshore.

Characteristics of IRATA standards include:

  • Hard entry requirements for member firms and the requirement that all staff are certified
  • Unprecedented levels of management, requiring the highest level of certification for supervisors (as well as at least 2000 hours of work completed)
  • A work method with two independent safety systems
  • The certified reparbetaren tested and trained in various rescue scenarios
  • All equipment is inspected at 6 month intervals and inspections are logged individually
  • Regular external review and audit of member companies


Working with rope is an environmentally friendly approach. We use no heavy scissoring or boom lifts and do not need to carry large amounts of material to build locations. Our impact is as simple and environmentally friendly as possible to the location where we should perform our work.

In cases where we use chemicals, they are analyzed with regard to environmental impact if of great importance to us and that also relates to avoiding waste emissions.


We were the first company in Sweden to be accredited by IRATA, both in terms of Operations and Training, i.e. that you both work and receive training in IRATA.

We were the first company in Sweden that was accredited by the GWO (Global Wind Organisation) to train future windpower workers in BST (Basic Safety Training), a week-long standardized training that includes, fire safety, medical care, ergonomics and work at height.

We were certified in 2019 to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System och ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety System. And we have a representative of the TK 403 – Technical Committee for Personal Protective Equipment.


Since the start of Rope Access Sverige AB in 1997, our strategy has been to be the leading provider of industrial rope access in the Nordic region. By spreading knowledge of our methods, we have laid the foundation for a whole new industry in Sweden.

Through collaboration with the Swedish Work Environment Authority which had made important advancements through setting IRATA methods, we have set the bar high in terms of safety and quality of work. Our customers appreciate safety, quality, and not least the cost efficiency of the solutions we offer.

Professional pride is our company’s driving force, and we are committed to meet our customers’ needs. We devote substantial resources to develop our skills in order to perform the jobs demanded by Swedish and international industry. Our extensive work with both safety and quality mean that today we are the preferred choice for industrial customers with high demands and needs, such as the nuclear industry.

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