Advanced Turbine Rescue

Scenario based on-site training with complex rescues in a work environment.

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GWO puts the basic level of security training in wind power. Advanced Turbine Rescue takes this much further with on-site trainining for you to safely take your self and your colleague from difficult places in the tower to the ground with existing personal and rescue equipment.

Target Group

Course for professionals involved in the wind industry to be able to carry out the rescue of various kinds, and the evacuation of workers in their working environment.

Course goals

By the end of the course, the participant should have knowledge of the laws and rules that apply when working at height. Participants will also be able to work safely and effectively with their personal protective equipment and handle various rescues with colleagues. Working on wind turbines means often being far from help and support in case of an accident or emergency. You are usually only two people on the site, which places high demands on the colleagues to deal with various incidents with the equipment they have at hand.

Course content

This course includes various tower-specific rescue scenarios. Examples of scenarios are:

  • Rescue from the hub
  • Rescue from the generator / main shaft
  • Rescue from the yawdeck
  • Rescue from the elevator

Course Details


5-day GWO Basic Safety Training Certificate and safety certifications in accordance with AFS 2005:06.

Number of Participant

Min 5, max 8 participanta


16 hours (practical), The course is spread over 2 days.


Individual offer. Please contact for more information.


The training is conducted on-site within the customer’s chosen wind towers.


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