Fall protection – Basic training

Basic knowledge for simple use of personal fall protection.

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”Personal fall protection equipment must be used if necessary for the safe access to the lifting equipment or if there is a risk of collission”
AFS 2006:6 15§

”The employer shall arrange instruction and practice on how to use the equipment so that the desired protective effect is achieved”
AFS 2001:3 10§

”In areas where there is a risk of falling more than 2 meters, there must be a health plan in place with description of preventive and specific measures to meet health and safety law”
AFS 1999:3 12§

Target Group

For those who use fall protection harnessed in simple climbing situations. This basic education gives you knowledge of various techniques to work safely at height and general knowledge of personal protective equipment.

Course Goals

After the course, the participant should be able to use a fall protection harness, have knowledge of laws and regulations and know when fall protection must be used in accordance with “AFS 2001:3 Use of Personal Protective Equipment”.

Course Content

  • When is fall protection needed?
  • Strategies for fall protection
  • Collective / personal protection (for work at height)
  • Case Analysis – secure at height
  • Review of physics and consequences
  • Basic equipment for personal fall, harness, rope, anchoring
  • Operational / practical exercises
  • The proper use of the harness and ‘comrade’ controll
  • Self-monitoring of equipment
  • Laws, regulations and health plan
  • The Work Environment Act
  • Work environment standards: “AFS 2001:3 Use of Personal Protective Equipment”



7-15 Participants


4 hours (theory/ practical)


1 990 SEK ex. VAT


Training is carried out on any of our training facilities or at a customer site. After completion of the training is obtained, you will receive an internationally recognized certificate, valid for three years.


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