Söll GlideLoc

GlideLoc is a vertical rail systems retrofitted on ladders, masts and fixed crampons.

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Product description

GlideLoc is a vertical rail systems retrofitted for ladders, masts and fixed crampons. The rail system is available in several versions and with a wide range of accessories.

The rail can be both with and without the rungs (ie only the rail and ladder with integrated rails), and can be in the following materials: aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized steel.

A large variety of accessories exist for this product, including the transition fix to horizontal rail, i.e. if a worked is on a flat roof, or on equipment, opening the middle of the rail and allowing for horizontal movement.

For systems with a great variety of consoles, this product is able to customize to many needs, and it is also possible to get the rail bent to conform to different structural forms.

All variants of GlideLoc use the same kind of runners. These comply with user movement going both up and down, and comply to a sudden drop by locking the runner.

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