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Learn to perform the statutory and legal control of personal fall protection.

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”The employer must ensure that personal protective equipment is maintained and checked to ensure its protective effect is maintained. Equipment that is damaged or for some other reason can be assumed to have insufficient protective effect may not be used”
AFS 2001:03 12§

Target Group

For professionals who want to perform annual, statutory inspection of fall protection equipment. This training provides participants with the knowledge necessary to inspect all of the normal protective equipment regardless of manufacturer in accordance with EN365.

Course Goal

The participant should after the course be able to perform annual inspections and to know the criteria for which equipment should be disposed of and how this process should be documented.

Course Content

  • Who is a Competent Person
  • EU Directive 89/686 /EEC Annex II (personal protective equipment)
  • Legal requirements
  • Manufacturer requirements
  • Gathering information from instructions
  • Inspection Methods for:
  • textile materials such as rope and slings
  • the components of metal carabiners and rope grips
  • stitching on the loops and slings
  • Criteria to discard the above products
  • Practical exercises for participants to inspect various types of equipment



7 – 12 participants.


8 hours (theory/practical)


3 450 SEK ex. VAT


Training is carried out on any of our training facilities or at a customer site. After completion of the training is obtained, you will receive an internationally recognized certificate, valid for three years.


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