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Actsafe Power Ascenders

ActSafe is a Swedish manufacturer that specializes in winches for lifting people and materials. These are often called “repmoped” but a more accurate name is “power ascender”. All of their models are used in a standard semi-static ‘kernmantel’ (ropes used in rope access and fall protection, SS-EN 1891A). The different models represent different requirements for the thickness of the rope, but all models will work with 11 mm rope as named above.

Rental of mobile platforms for wind power maintenance

We rent mobile platforms / suspension for towers and rotor blades for wind power maintenance. If needed, we can assist with a certified technician who helps you to set up and run the platforms.

For more models please contact Martin Sjöblom, +46 (0)70-6219529, [email protected]

SÖLL fall protection systems

Honeywell permanent fall protection systems, SOLL. Used by industries throughout the world, in the energy sector on land and offshore, manufacturing, mining, real estate, telecommunications, and more. We are a provider of everything from the design of your particular system to it’s certified installation and annual inspections.

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